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Swamp Plot

Site Description:

Plant Inventory:

Soil Analysis:

This plot is located less than a tenth of a mile away from the pond, in a very wet, marshlike, open habitat. Specifically, it is located at a bearing of N 10 W degrees from the trail.


​This plot was 100% covered by small herbaceous plants, and some large bushes. It was also 100% exposed, with the nearest trees approximately 15-20 feet away (please refer to figure 5).

Figure 5- View of the Swamp Plot

In this plot, I identified and located 15 different species of plants. Among them, were: Quaking Aspen, Wood Strawberry, Yellow and Orange Hawkweed, Yarrow, Haircap Moss, Oxeye Daisy, Interrupted Fern, Buttercup, Meadowsweet, Highbush Blueberry, Cow Vetch, Goldenrod, Hayscented Fern, Wild Raspberry, and Common St. John's-Wort (please refer to figure 6).

For this test, I was able to dig a 13" soil pit, before hitting a large bedrock ledge. Within the pit, I was able to detect a 10" deep layer of dark gritty, sandy mud, and at the bottom, a 3" layer of similar dirt, interspersed with many small reddish, quartzlike rocks (please refer to figure 7).  


The 10" muddy layer tested at a pH of 6.0, which can be outlined as an acid environment. The second 3" rocky layer, tested at a pH of 6.0, also indicating an acid environment.

Figure 7- Soil pit measurement.

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