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Where is Hogback?

The Hogback Mountain Conservation Area straddles Route 9 in Marlboro, Vermont, about 15 miles west of Brattleboro and 25 miles east of Bennington.

We don't have any signs.  You just have to know the conservation area is there.  How can you find it?  It is at the 100-mile view.  That's a spot that is hard to miss, at a sharp curve in Route 9 about 15 miles west of Brattleboro, where the gift shop and the Southern Vermont Natural History Museum are located.  The conservation area consists of land on both sides of Route 9, but the acreage directly abutting Route 9 is privately owned.  The gift shop and museum are our neighbors, but are not part of the town-owned conservation area.  Parking for the conservation area is permitted in the big lot on the north side of Route 9 just west of the gift shop.  When that lot is snow covered, you may park in the gift shop parking area.

The gift shop, our neighbor on Route 9.  When you see this building, you've found HMCA.

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