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ESH Project Schedule

The 10-Year Plan


The five major former ski slopes, one every two years; that's the plan.  Click the button to see a map showing the former ski slopes and the planned habitat rejuvenation.


2013 - Meadow

2015 - The Great White Way

2017 - Practice Slope

2019 - Ripperooo

2021 - Sugar Slope

2018 Work Days

Volunteers of all ages and abilities are welcome.  If clearing brush doesn't appeal to you, how about coming out and being our photographer?  For those of you who want to pitch in with the clearing, if you can wield loppers or haul brush, we can use your help.  Bring your own favorite tool or borrow one from our collection.  Chain sawyers are particularly welcome.  NOTE - If you use a chain saw on a Hogback project, you must have a full set of safety gear, including chaps, helmet, ear protection and face protection.  If you don't have a set of your own, we can loan you one from our stash.

All work parties start at 9:00 and end by noon.  Meet in the field behind the white distillery building on the south side of Route 9, just west of the gift shop.  It's a five minute walk from there to the work site.  On Columbus Day weekend, the busiest weekend of the year for our neighbors at the gift shop, please park in the big parking lot on the north side of the highway so that the close-in, safe-side parking can be used by people taking in the view and visiting the gift shop.

Saturday, Sept 22

Sunday, Oct 7 (Columbus Day)

Sunday, Oct 21

Saturday, Nov 3  Change of plan for this date only.  Work is pretty much complete.  Let's take a tour of all three of the slopes we've cut over the last six years, and see how things look.  Meet at the usual hour (9:00) at the usual place (field behind the distillery).  No need for work tools.  Be prepared for some off-trail exploration in order to see some of the more interesting sections.  Not up for bushwhacking?  Come anyway.  You can stay on the main drag and meet up with the rest of the group further up the trail.  We'll check out the three ski slopes that have already been rejuvenated: Meadow, the Great White Way, and the Practice Slope.  Plus we'll take a look at the other two scheduled for rejuvenation: Sugar Slope and Ripperoo.  Want to see a map of where those slopes are?  Click here.

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