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Hogback Mountain Conservation Association

The Hogback Mountain Ski Area closed in 1984 and was subsequently purchased at auction by investors in 1993 with a eye toward development.  The property was again offered for sale in 2005 prompting community members to dream of ways to maintain public access to these lands.  This in turn led to the formation in 2006 of the Hogback Mountain Conservation Association (HMCA), a group of local citizens who volunteered their time in a four-year effort to raise the funds to buy Hogback Mountain and protect it from development with a permanent conservation easement.


HMCA's role continues  today as a volunteer organization whose members work under the purview of the Town’s Hogback Preservation Commission (below).


Open to anyone with an interest in the outdoors, HMCA’s goals are to help sustain Hogback Mountain both as a natural wildlife habitat and a low-impact recreation area.  This magnificent mountain offers 100-mile views of mountain ranges in Vermont, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, miles of trails, historic foundations, and a fertile, natural background for educational and environmental studies.

Our mailing address is: HMCA, PO Box 20, Marlboro, VT 05344

Hogback Preservation Commission

After accepting the now-conserved Hogback Mountain as a donation from HMCA in 2010, the Marlboro Select Board established the seven member Hogback Preservation Commission (HPC) as an official board whose mandate is to set policy and provide management oversight of the the Conservation Area. A Management Plan was developed to address issues such as the types of recreation permitted, the potential for future timber harvests, managing expected impacts on wildlife habitat and preserving archaeological features. Learn more about the HPC or the Management Plan* by clicking the appropriate button. 


*The Management Plan is a 53-page pdf.  It will take a while to load, especially if you have backcountry slow-speed access to the internet.

What's the Difference?

Are you considering serving on the HPC or the HMCA Board of Directors?  Confused about which organization does what?  This paper might help.

Activity Updates are issued six times a year to record what the HMCA has been doing lately.  We started these in 2015.

Newsletters were published periodically from 2006, when fund-raising began, until 2015.

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